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Promote Education

Children participating in theatre workshops
Help children learn about their rights and how to peacefully resolve conflicts through participating in Community Theatre Workshops. The Latin American Centre for Popular Communication, a Mission and... Read more
Students in vocational training
The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees has improved the lives of innumerable Palestinians living in refugee camps, where employment opportunities are scarce. This United Church partner was... Read more
Students at the University of Dodoma
Timing is a problem at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania. Student loans do not arrive in time for registration, so many students require help with fees, meals, and accommodations. The Christian... Read more
Women having coffee
United Church outreach ministries in Winnipeg work with people suffering because of poverty, racism, and homophobia. Each ministry has skilled mentors to listen to people and help them navigate... Read more
Girls at School with books
Educate a girl and educate the nation. This is a saying in Mozambique and a dream for many rural girls who are unable to afford an education. The Christian Council of Mozambique helps farmers cover... Read more
Children at school
Women for Change is a Mission and Service partner in rural Zambia that helps women and children fight poverty. Women for Change has become one of the most influential indigenous NGOs in Zambia.... Read more
Children at school
With the United Church as the largest single donor, the Karl Lévêque Cultural Institute has completed a school in Codtrelle, a village on Haiti’s south coast. The old two-room, thatch-roofed building... Read more
Children playing at school
In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, the Methodist Church of Haiti identified repairing and restoring its 100 schools as a top priority. Rebuilding the schools is going well, but fees and cost of... Read more