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Did you know…

The United Nations estimates that for an additional $7 billion per year—less than 1 percent of what has been spent globally on bank bailouts—we could ensure that all children get the educational start in life they need to thrive in the modern world.

Change a single person’s life and empower a community through a gift of education.

Access to education, regardless of income, is an essential part of greater justice, broad-based participation in society, and the eradication of poverty. The United Church also acknowledges that education is a key aspect of cultural formation. This contemporary understanding is developed in relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada, with global partners, and in dialogue with United Church history.

Education is key to development, but in many countries it is not accessible because of economic and political problems. The impacts are severe in places where there is conflict and instability. In some countries

  • children may be overwhelmed by crowded classrooms and a lack of school supplies
  • children may work long hours to support their families and can’t get to public schools
  • some families cannot afford the fees or uniforms required to attend schools
  • schools are among many systemically underfunded institutions and resources in Indigenous communities

The United Church of Canada supports the pursuit of education as a basic human right and the foundation of an informed and involved society.