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Address Poverty and Hunger

Poverty and hunger afflict communities in Canada, in the industrialized Western nations, and in the global South.  Together, we can act not only to feed the hungry and care for the poor, but to change systems that perpetuate resource inequities. Learn more.

Men at a shelter
It’s much warmer in here. During the winter, Winnipeg’s shelters are full and close early in the morning. But more than 300 people a day find warmth, food, showers, a laundry, and a caring welcome at... Read more
A man drinking from a cup
Many people in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood experience poverty and lack adequate food and clothing. The Toronto Christian Resource Centre offers practical help. On the ground floor of its... Read more
Construction workers building
Many adults arriving at Stella’s Circle have long been considered unemployable. This St. John’s, Newfoundland, partner begs to differ! An employment centre helps men and women develop their skills... Read more
In Guatemala, the Network of Maya Presbyterials offers loans to Mayan women. Borrowers increase their capacity to weave world-renowned textiles or to buy and sell livestock. The women’s profits... Read more
Preparing a meal
Nutritious food for all, without prejudice. Chalmers’ Community Services’ food pantry in Guelph, Ontario, offers fresh produce, dairy products, and protein to people in need without making them... Read more
2 people playing baseball
Over 200 people who were formerly homeless now experience stable lives in housing with community connections. That’s with support from Wesley Urban Ministries’ Homeless Baseball League and other... Read more
A father and his child
At least 120,000 people living in poverty in Edmonton may be one paycheque away from losing their homes and other hard-won gains. The Bissell Centre’s Housing Options Program quickly secures housing... Read more
Grocery receipt
In Manitoba’s fly-in First Nations communities, groceries are often two to three times more expensive than in cities. Some traditional food practices have become unstable or unpredictable due to the... Read more