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Access to education for everyone, regardless of income, is an essential part of securing greater justice, broad-based participation in society, and the eradication of poverty. Learn more.

People sewing and beading
Schools and recreation have made a difference in youths’ lives in the Dbayeh Palestinian Refugee Camp outside Beirut, Lebanon. But poverty still prevails, partly because Lebanese law imposes work... Read more
Women pastors and church lay leaders
Lift up women’s voices for social change. Supporting women’s leadership requires training and mentoring, particularly in a patriarchal society. In Zimbabwe, the Institute for Theological Reflection... Read more
Students at the University of Dodomo
Godwin Tumaini did not have family financial support but graduated with a university degree in Tanzania’s capital. He launched a photography business and has paid for his brother’s studies. This was... Read more
Training caregivers
Changing demographics in China has made caring for elderly people a pressing social need. Chinese churches now oversee about 200 seniors’ homes. Across China, some seniors are lacking the support... Read more
Children at school
Churches run about 80 percent of the schools in Haiti, but the country’s extreme poverty means that about 500,000 children cannot attend. High in the mountains above Port-au-Prince, the Methodist... Read more