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Safe Spaces

Gifts of safe spaces offer resources to people who are marginalized or face systemic barriers to full inclusion. Learn more

Pride flag flying at a church
Intentionally, publicly, proudly. That’s how Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble helps United Church ministries welcome LGBTQ+ people and communities! Through thousands of volunteer hours... Read more
A group of campers around a camp fire
Under southern Saskatchewan skies, Camp Woodboia welcomes everyone. But an inaccessible dining hall prevents full inclusion for campers and staff with mobility challenges. This camp needs a ramp!... Read more
Adolescents participating in Safe Haven workshops
In India’s impoverished North and South Dinajpur districts, many people are forced to migrate far from their homes for work. Migrants, especially teenage girls and boys, are vulnerable to being... Read more
Large group of people walking down a street
Natural disasters, violence, conflict, and persecution displace people globally. The United Nations reported 19.5 million people fleeing across international borders as refugees in 2014. A further 38... Read more