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Safe Spaces

Gifts of safe spaces offer resources to people who are marginalized or face systemic barriers to full inclusion. Learn more

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You asked us to bring back some particularly memorable gifts, and we’re delivering! Thank you for your support of the WISH Drop-In Centre in 2015-16! Indigenous counsellors and community... Read more
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The security and pride in finding a place to live and making a home can establish lasting change in a person’s life. “Housing First” is the approach at the Bissell Centre in... Read more
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India’s northeast border with Bangladesh is dense with human trafficking. Traffickers force many people into bonded domestic labour, or sex work. Others become part of the market for harvested... Read more
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In 2016, the United Nations reported a record number of forcible displacements of people around the world. The after-effects continue to ripple across the globe. More than 65 million people are... Read more