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Bring healing with a wellness gift. These gifts speak to the emerging United Church understanding that interconnected social, political, and economic structures affect physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. Learn more

People getting water at a well
You asked us to bring back some particularly memorable gifts, and we’re delivering! Because of your generosity, the town of Bipemba in the Democratic Republic of Congo will soon be able to... Read more
A choir singing
Sing your heart out! Partner Stella’s Circle in St. John’s, NL, provides both traditional and non-traditional therapies, such as joining a choir, to improve the lives and wellbeing of its... Read more
Man on the telephone
No mailing address or phone? That’s not a problem if you live near First United Community Ministry in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. A community help desk gives people use of free public... Read more
Youth singing
Music was a vital part of life for many Syrian children before the war, but it may be out of reach in Canada. Montréal City Mission heard this lament from newcomer Syrian children and responded with... Read more
Man eating
A living wage is $20.01 per hour in Victoria, BC, while the minimum wage is $11.35. For people who travel to low-wage jobs, a bus pass alleviates daily stress and offers a small slice of freedom.... Read more
Woman working with food in a pan
Ubuntu: the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. The Organization of African Instituted Churches draws on ubuntu to advocate for the continent’s most marginalized... Read more
Olive trees
Olive trees offer a livelihood and nutrition for many Palestinians. Over decades of Israeli military occupation, hundreds of thousands of olive trees have been systematically destroyed. Plant a tree... Read more