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Photo of a small group sharing a meal in a dorm room
On its large Halifax campus, Dalhousie University Chaplaincy’s weekly Multifaith Meal invites students to an intimate dinner. Over soup and conversation, multifaith chaplains greet students and... Read more
Photo of children and leaders gathered around a campfire
Rise and shine! Notice the smell of trees, stretch your imagination, learn through new friendships, and feel the ground under your feet. For some children, a week at camp is their first experience of... Read more
Photo collage of various youth and leaders working together
Feel the ripple effect of reconciliation. Returning to Spirit's workshops respond to the intergenerational impacts of the Indian Act and residential schools in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal... Read more
Photo of a table with various Christians and Muslims sitting and eating together
Listening and peace walk hand in hand. In Lebanon, the Middle East Council of Churches wants to equip 27 Muslim and Christian youth and young adults aged 15–22 from diverse backgrounds to lead... Read more