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Success Stories

Thank you for your gift of money to buy a goat. We are excited that people in Canada are interested in Chipinge Horticultural College in Zimbabwe and have helped to buy goats. Read More
Over 132 young moms and babies have benefited from Gifts with Vision. Read More
Thanks to Gifts with Vision this program was financially viable. Gifts enabled each youth and leader to make a drum, a lasting memory and experience for each of the participants. Read More
Gifts with Vision helped Loon Bay Camp employ lifeguards and waterfront staff to oversee camper safety. Read More
Thanks to Gifts with Vision, forty-five gift cards were purchased from the Northern Store by the three northern communities of Garden Hill, God’s Lake Narrows, and Red Sucker Lake. Read More
Gifts with Vision donations have helped 823 homeless or formerly homeless participants participate in a range of therapeutic recreation activities, Read More
Gifts with Vision supported approximately 106 children across Canada to attend summer camp in summer 2015. Read More
The incredible donation through Gifts with Vision served 171 guests fresh produce. Read More
Meaningful work provides a powerful incentive to stay well and choose different coping strategies to life’s struggles that might previously have led to returns to hospital or incarceration. Read More
With assistance from Gifts with Vision, 97 people have been housed since August 2015. Read More