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Thank You for Employment Opportunities

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured in the 2015/2016 Gifts with Vision catalogue. The response to date has been tremendous and very impactful for participants of our Employment Services programming.

Meaningful work provides a powerful incentive to stay well and choose different coping strategies to life’s struggles that might previously have led to returns to hospital or incarceration.

This is from a participant working in housekeeping who went through Stella’s Circle Employment Program:

When I have a work shift I know I have to get up, get a shower, and get out of the house that day! Once I’m out of the house, I know I can accomplish so much more. My paycheque allows me the freedom to treat myself to little extras that aren’t always possible otherwise. It lifts the stress of not knowing if I’ll have enough to make ends meet. This has been very positive for my mental health.

Whenever anyone asks me about working, I’m quick to tell them it’s about so much more than just money! I have fun at work, I’ve made friends, and I feel so good about myself. I know I’m contributing.

Right now I work in an organization in housekeeping, and they are so thankful for the work I’m doing. It makes me feel appreciated and needed. I am always learning new things, and not just the technical skills of cleaning.

Wendy and Kevin [Team Leads at Stella’s Circle] have shown me it’s ok to be myself at work.

—Stella’s Circle, St. John’s, Newfoundland


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