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Thank You for Keeping Kids Safe While They Have Fun

We at Loon Bay Camp were so honoured to be part of Gifts with Vision in 2014–2015.

Of the $7,056 generated, we spent $3,160 on the Lifeguard/Waterfront Staff to oversee camper safety. We have an instructor that comes in during staff training‎ week to speak about the safety of our canoeing program and take staff out on the water for practical experience. He returns every week during the camping season to explain water safety to the kids and supervise them while they are on the water.

With the remaining amount, we hired qualified waterfront lifeguards, purchased 20 life jackets (including extra small and extra large) and six new paddles, restored our older paddles, provided a permanent safety station on the beach with lifesaving gear, and renovated a room where canoeing gear can be stored in a way that will preserve it for years to come.

We are pleased to see the children grow in confidence and in comfort around water when they have the opportunity to learn at camp. They are inspired by the beauty of the natural setting, the fun of the activity, and the encouragement of the counsellors who are in each canoe guiding them safely while teaching them good paddling techniques.

Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to improve our program by helping us purchase required equipment and hire proper staff. Our children, staff, board, and churches thank you.

—Rev. Stephanie McClellan, St. Matthew’s Pastoral Charge, Newfoundland


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