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Thank You for Providing Fresh Food

Chalmers Community Services Centre opened its doors in 1997, serving anyone in need of food. This same philosophy exists today but with an emphasis on serving the best quality and quantity of food to our guests. We consulted with a registered dietitian to help us determine what guests would need for a two- to three-day period.

The incredible donation of $3,252.60 through Gifts with Vision allowed us to serve 171 guests fresh produce. At a time when food costs continue to increase, we are extremely grateful for the Gifts with Vision donations, which allowed us to continue to serve the most nutritious food…with respect and dignity.

Pam is a mother and grandmother supporting two of her children and grandchildren. She starting coming to CCSC in search of food and clothing but found much more. This is what Pam said:

Each person is offered respect and dignity and acceptance when they walk through the door at CCSC. The volunteers and space are very welcoming. It is like coming to an open house at someone’s home. I have been to other places and it’s just not the same. There is camaraderie. I have a peaceful and relaxed feeling. We can take clothing and items for free. There is no waiting, no cost, and everything is in one place.

—Diana Sterenberg, Administrator, Chalmers Community Services Centre, Guelph, Ontario


(“Fresh Food for Everyone” was a 2015 gift. Check out our currents gifts related to poverty and hunger.)