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Thank You for Reducing Hunger

The All Native Circle Conference is pleased to report that the Respond to Hunger in the North project through Gifts with Vision was graciously received by the three northern communities of Garden Hill, God’s Lake Narrows, and Red Sucker Lake. These three remote fly-in communities kindly acknowledged the gift cards on December 17, 2015.

Forty-five gift cards were purchased from the Northern Store. Based on population, distribution was: 28 cards to Garden Hill, 10 to God’s Lake Narrows, and 7 to Red Sucker Lake.

Comments from Red Sucker Lake:

“Boyd, who has four children, three being little boys, all went to the store with the gift card to buy food for Christmas together.”

“Keith’s wife had been sent out of the community by medevac plane for emergency medical treatment. He said thank you and that the kids are excited about the gift card.”

“Elder Fanny Harper was grateful to receive the gift card as she always has her children and grandchildren coming over. She makes soup and bannock for them.”

—All Native Circle Conference, Manitoba


(“Respond to Hunger in the North” was a 2015 gift. Check out our currents gifts related to poverty and hunger.)