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Thank You for Sending Kids to Camp

Gifts with Vision supported approximately 106 children across Canada to attend summer camp in summer 2015.

Among these campers, three were funded at Pearce Williams Christian Centre. Summer Camp Director Jessica Tenhor writes:

Pearce Williams Christian Centre (PWCC) is blessed to have around 600 campers attend our summer camp programs each summer. Some of these campers’ families are not able to afford summer camp and rely on our scholarship program to reduce the cost of camp so their child(ren) can experience an amazing week at camp.

Campers learn about who God is and what a relationship with God looks like. They learn to take risks, to resolve conflicts in a natural manner, to appreciate and protect our environment, to stay healthy, to be responsible for their personal belongings, and to have fun with unabashed enthusiasm.

At the end of camp sessions, we ask campers to finish the sentence “I like PWCC because...” Here are some responses:

“It was really fun and I like the counsellors.”

“It’s fun and exciting.”

“You can play lots of activities.”

“It is a place of fun experiences and learning.”

“I get to meet new people and do fun activities with my friend.”

“It’s awesome!”

“It is a safe environment where you can be yourself with no judgments.”


Thank you to everyone who believes in the power of camp!

—Pearce Williams Christian Centre, Fingal, Ontario


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