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Thank You for Supporting a New Start

With assistance from Gifts with Vision, 97 people have been housed since August 2015. Our clients have the items they need to make their new house a home, as well as bus tickets to attend appointments and job interviews. Because of your generous support, the Outreach Housing Team is able to house people like Larry (name has been changed). Allow us to share Larry’s story from the perspective of one of our Assertive Housing Workers:

The team first met Larry at the Neighbour Centre. He had been sleeping rough in the river valley, and would make the long trek daily to the drop-in to do his laundry, shave, and shower. Larry made money to meet his basic needs through temp work and bottle picking; he had tried several times to get assistance through Alberta Works but was never successful. An Assertive Housing Worker took him to Income Support and was able to advocate for him to get regular income. From there, Larry talked about approaching a property manager near the Neighbour Centre about what suites they had available. His worker encouraged this, and Larry got up the confidence to talk to them. Two short weeks later, Larry moved into his own place, a bachelor suite with a kitchenette and shared bathroom. Shortly after moving in, he began full-time work for his landlord, repairing and working in their buildings.… His new home truly speaks to the new pride he feels.

—Cherise Roberts, Bissell Centre, Edmonton, Alberta


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